Is your DemerBox not playing music when connected to the auxiliary cable?

Let us help you with this walkthrough guide.

Step 1: Confirm your DemerBox is turned on.

Step 2: Confirm your device is playing music while disconnected from DemerBox.

  • Disconnect from your DemerBox (either via Bluetooth or the Aux cable) and make sure that sound is coming from the device itself before proceeding.

Step 3: Does the device you are using support Bluetooth? If so, please pair the device via Bluetooth.

  • Not sure how to pair via Bluetooth? Review our Bluetooth connection tutorial.
  • Could you hear sound when connected via Bluetooth? If yes, please move to Step 4. If no, please open a support ticket above so we can help you directly. 

Step 4: Disconnect your device from Bluetooth. If you have another Aux cable, please switch the cable being used to connect your device to the DemerBox. 

  • Does the DemerBox play music with a different cable? If yes, great! If your DemerBox is less than a year old, we'll send you a new Aux cable. Simply open a support ticket above so we can help.
  • If the new cable did not help, move to Step 5.

Step 5: Please test the Aux cable connection using a different device to connect to your DemerBox. Did music play using a different device?

  • If yes, the headphone or audio output connection on your device is malfunctioning. Consult your device's manufacturer for a solution.
  • If no, music still isn't playing after switching devices and cables, there is a possible board issue with your DemerBox. Please open a support ticket above so we can help you right away.